Relish Brothers AG

Gegründet: November 2013

Design and development of an innovative electric guitar.

By 2015 Relish Guitar's Jane is frontcovering the most established guitar magazines worldwide - as "the guitar of the future" or as "if Apple made a guitar - it looks like this". Also Artists as Aloe Blaccs Guitar player do play with our Jane - as it is sharing stage with Herbie Hancock or any other great grammy award winners who get introduced to our Jane at Capital Studios in LA (One of the best & biggest studios worldwide). In terms of distribution Relish has already developed partnerships to bring out bigger amount of guitars with a 2nd guitar model by 2016. The future of Relish is promising..

A patented sandwich construction with an aluminium frame between molded wood veneers achieves more sustain and better sound . After 60 years electric guitar market pace, Relish Guitars develop a complete new approach to manufacture an electric guitar.
The vibration of strings is spread directly through the whole frame – it works like a tuning fork. The bridge is directly connected on the aluminium frame. You even feel the sound on the top and bottom side of the molded wood veneer - so once you play the guitar – you not only feel the vibration of the sound on the
surface, you also hear the wide, warm sound with its huge sustain & great articulation.

Relish Brothers - two 30 years old swiss luthiers, musicians and entrepeneurs called have worked hard over 6 years to bring Jane finally to market.
Jane’s body concept will be first shown at the NAMM Show, Anaheim CA 2015 & at the Frankfort Musikmesse April 15. The first series production has been sold out just by showing the prototypes in the international market in Frankfrort Musikmesse 2014.

The goal of Relish Guitars is to create instruments that guitarists will desire, purchase, and be proud to
won. We expect to grow our company to be recognized worldwide as one of the best known guitar brands.
OPINION LEADERS the industry have made contact with us and describe our Jane as follows:
Fender VP & Product Manager:
„your design is one of the best in industry“ – „The guitar is awesome just the way it is” - “I believe your guitar is very cool and deserves some attention and serious consideration by players“ – „The guitar industry needs your ideas more than ever.
Innovation – Jeff !!”

Eric Clapton’s Guitar Tech (over 30 years):
„Your guitar looks awesome........
Great work!!.........I would be very proud if I had made this !! Well done!! - Lee”
Editors in chief of the greatest guitar magazines in Europe (grand gtrs / Gitarre & Bass): „sehr schöne Optik! - Die Alu Hollow-Rahmenkonstruktion verspricht interessante physikalische Eigenschaften hinsichtlich Sustain“
„It's a gorgeous looking instrument! FYI- I LOVE the concept of the LEDs switching pickups- it's a brilliant idea - Randy“.
Relish Guitars Switzerland stands for Swiss quality, innovation and passion.

Relish Brothers AG

Silvan Küng & Pirmin Giger

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