greenTEG AG

Gegründet: Juli 2009

Novel method to harvest energy from otherwise untapped energy resources.

greenTEG - heat flux sensing and thermoelectric energy harvesting

greenTEG develops, manufactures and markets solutions for thermal measurements and increased energy efficiency.

Our product portfolio includes customizable heat flux sensors and thermoelectric generators.

All our available products can be found at

Milestones / News

Milestone 24.05.2016

Laser Power Monitoring for Improved Process Stability

Milestone 13.05.2016

NASA Tech Briefs presents greenTEG's laser power detector

Milestone 12.05.2016

Forthcoming book by Ian M. Shapiro mentions greenTEG

Milestone 09.05.2016

Thermal Laser Power Sensor or Silicon Photodiode: making the right choice

Milestone 21.04.2016

We are looking for a business development intern!

Milestone 19.04.2016

Laser power detectors with digital signal output

Milestone 01.04.2016

greenTEG is hiring: we are looking for a Sales Manager Photonics

Milestone 30.03.2016

Thermal insulation quality of air mattresses tested on SRF TV

Milestone 24.03.2016

Battery Power Online reports about greenTEG

Milestone 21.03.2016

Measuring thermal properties of textiles: new FAQ

Milestone 15.03.2016

New White Paper: R-Values and U-Values Explained

Milestone 10.03.2016

greenTEG launches laser beam position detectors

Milestone 08.03.2016

Video: battery calorimetry with heat flux sensors

Milestone 03.03.2016

White Paper: Measure laser power accurately in varying thermal environments

Milestone 24.02.2016

Learn more about greenTEG's laser power sensors in the expert interview with Dr. Philipp Eib

Milestone 23.02.2016

Yarn made out of slaughterhouse waste: ETH researcher on Swiss TV

Milestone 22.02.2016

greenTEG exhibits at Laser World of Photonics China

Milestone 18.02.2016

Apply for a tech scout internship with us!

Milestone 10.02.2016

Presenting new laser power detectors at Photonics West 2016

Milestone 25.01.2016

Heat flux sensors used to measure thermal conductivity of a new type of hollow silica

Milestone 21.01.2016

Battery Calorimetry with Heat Flux Sensors

Milestone 14.01.2016

New Miniaturized Laser Power Detector

Milestone 13.01.2016

Heat Flux Explained

Milestone 04.01.2016

greenTEG at Photonics West 2016

Milestone 16.12.2015

greenTEG expands its business activities in Asia

Milestone 10.12.2015

Heat flux sensors used to measure the effectiveness of a thermal diode

Milestone 07.12.2015

greenTEG Production Internship

Milestone 03.12.2015

How to measure the U-Value with greenTEG's U-Value Kit

Milestone 01.12.2015

The importance of the U-Value of windows

Milestone 27.11.2015

Thermal insulation properties of chicken feather fibre Mat/PLA composites

Milestone 16.11.2015

Measure local heat transfer characteristics for industrial roll-to-roll drying processes

Milestone 03.11.2015

New webpage about U-Value measurements

Milestone 29.09.2015

Thermal measurement FAQ online

Milestone 21.09.2015

Measuring the U-value while occupants are present

Milestone 02.09.2015

How to measure the U-Value of a refrigerator

Milestone 26.08.2015

US-Delegation visits greenTEG

Milestone 20.08.2015

greenTEG product portfolio overview

Milestone 11.08.2015

U-Value measurements on window glass, new application note

Milestone 31.07.2015

Tech Scout Intern for Heat Flux Sensing Applications

Milestone 30.07.2015

Insulation quality of gelatin yarn

Milestone 14.07.2015

Internship opportunity: business development wearable technologies

Milestone 13.07.2015

Open position at greenTEG: Sales Manager OEM Sensors

Milestone 10.07.2015

Phase change materials: quantifying the thermal storage capability

Milestone 02.07.2015

U-Value: Measurement vs. Calculation (new case study)

Milestone 12.06.2015

White Paper Comparing in situ U-value measurement methods

Milestone 04.06.2015

greenTEG at Laser World of Photonics Munich

Milestone 01.06.2015

Read how convective heat flux works

Milestone 28.05.2015

New board of directors member

Milestone 19.05.2015

greenTEG’s distribution partners in China

Milestone 12.05.2015

Meet us at Sensor+Test 2015, booth 12-572

Milestone 27.04.2015

Thermal precision: advantages and applications of heat flux sensors

Milestone 21.04.2015

U-Wert Kit in der Umweltarena Spreitenbach

Milestone 15.04.2015

SWISS ENGINEERING: Verbesserte Maschinenpräzision dank Wärmefluss-Sensorik

Milestone 07.04.2015

Video: gRAY Laser Power Detectors

Milestone 09.03.2015

Open full-time position: Application Engineer for Photonics

Milestone 09.03.2015

Open full-time position: Sales Engineer for Photonics

Milestone 09.03.2015

Open full-time position: Sales & Business Development Manager

Milestone 04.03.2015

New distributors for laser power detectors

Milestone 24.02.2015

Exciting Internship Openings at greenTEG!

Milestone 19.02.2015

Why you should consider measuring heat flux instead of temperature

Milestone 12.02.2015

greenTEG presents Laser Power Detectors at Photonics West 2015

Milestone 23.01.2015

greenTEG und myNewEnergy starten Partnerschaft

Milestone 21.01.2015

Measuring laser power with highest precision: greenTEG in Optoindex 2015

Milestone 19.01.2015

greenTEG at Laser World of Photonics 2015 in China

Milestone 09.01.2015

greenTEG is now Swissmem member

Milestone 07.01.2015

Start your career with an internship at greenTEG

Milestone 06.01.2015

greenTEG is now member of the Laser Institute of America (LIA)

Milestone 06.01.2015

greenTEG is now member of the Laser Institute of America (LIA)

Milestone 22.12.2014

Office fédéral de l'énergie OFEN: Une vanne de radiateur autonome et connectée

Milestone 11.12.2014

U-Wert KIT: Gebäudeisolation einfach und präzise messen

Milestone 09.12.2014

Photonics West 2015: New Tools for Laser Beam Characterization

Milestone 01.12.2014

Smart heating control systems for easy energy savings

Milestone 19.11.2014

White Paper: Monitoring thermal influences in precision instruments

Milestone 10.11.2014

Swiss Federal Office of Energy: report about greenTEG’s energy autonomous heating valve

Milestone 06.11.2014

What customers do with gSKIN Heat Flux Sensors

Milestone 31.10.2014

Dr. Susanne Vargas Droescher pitches at Precision Cluster Event: download the presentation

Milestone 22.10.2014

gSKIN® Sensor is NASA Techbriefs Product of the Month

Milestone 14.10.2014

Monitoring average power of IR-Lasers

Milestone 26.08.2014 reports about Thorlabs' cooperation with greenTEG

Milestone 17.07.2014

“The gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor has helped us to a great extent in our in-situ measurements of insulation materials. We used the sensor to determine the R-Values of various wall composites.”

Milestone 17.07.2014

Laser specialist Thorlabs integrates greenTEG’s laser power sensor technology

Milestone 03.07.2014

U-Value measurements with gSKIN® Sensors

Milestone 24.06.2014

Determine thermal effects and phase changes with highest precision

Milestone 18.06.2014 reports about gSKIN Laser Power Sensor

Milestone 17.06.2014

greenTEG visits China

Milestone 05.06.2014

Why Winners choose gSKIN Laser Power Sensors

Milestone 02.06.2014

Meet us at LASYS and Laser Technology Forum in Stuttgart!

Milestone 28.05.2014

greenTEG visits Sensor & Test 2014

Milestone 27.05.2014

Congratulations to Class 5 for winning the Start-up Challenge at Optatec

Milestone 15.05.2014

greenTEG AG at Optatec 2014: Hall 3, booth C48

Milestone 06.05.2014

greenTEG AG in SonntagsBlick

Milestone 04.04.2014

White Paper: Technologies for monitoring laser power

Milestone 29.03.2014

greenTEG’s technology presented in Handelszeitung

Milestone 19.03.2014

greenTEG’s sensor technology: article in Aktuelle Technik

Milestone 17.03.2014

greenTEG launches laser applications newsletter

Milestone 31.12.2012

greenTEG releases first product

Milestone 02.10.2012

greenTEG wins the finals of the Climate-KIC Venture Competition 2012


greenTEG sensor solutions available

Videos und Präsentationen

Heat flux explained: Why felt and measured temperature are not the same


Why temperature feels different depending on the material


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greenTEG's technology withstands space-like conditions