SwissLitho AG

Gegründet: Januar 2012

A novel technology for nanofabrication is to be brought to the market.

SwissLitho verkauft ein einzigartiges Nanofabrikations-Tool: Den NanoFrazor. Forscher und Nanotechnologie-Hersteller können diese erschwingliche und leicht zu bedienende Maschine nutzen, um rasch neue Nanostrukturen herzustellen und zu erforschen. Diese können beispielsweise in zukünftigen elektronischen, optischen oder Quantum-Nanogeräten verwendet werden.

Milestones / News

Funding Activity 29.04.2016

First NanoFrazor system installed in Asia at the Beihang University in Beijing

Deal 02.02.2016

SwissLitho starts a Dutch government funded collaboration with TNO to develop an industrial high throughput NanoFrazor system

Deal 27.01.2016

NanoFrazor Idea Competition: More than 100 young researchers from 15 countries submitted their creative ideas. The three winners shared 10'000 US$.

Funding Activity 25.11.2015

US Airforce Research Laboratory installs a NanoFrazor to develop novel sensors

Deal 14.11.2015

SwissLitho wins the R&D100 award (also titled as “Oscars of Innovation”)

Deal 21.10.2015

"Pearl of economy" in EconomieSuisse

Deal 24.06.2015

Startup Award “3D Manufacturing” at the Laser World of Photonics Conference in Munich

Deal 01.06.2015

Installation of a prototype of the bigger next generation NanoFrazor at IBM Research

Funding Activity 20.04.2015

NanoFrazor purchased by ETH Zurich and installed in the clean room of the Binnig-Rohrer Nanotechnology Center

Deal 02.03.2015

Start of important CTI projects with EPFL and NTB

Deal 02.02.2015

With the new employee Mikael Simberg from Finland, SwissLitho's team exceeds 10 different nationalities

Deal 30.01.2015

Extension to major markets with distribution partners in China, Japan, Korea, India, Israel, Southamerica and USA

Deal 17.01.2015

SwissLitho organised the "2nd Thermal Probe Workshop" with over 50 participants, 16 talks from international speakers, special interest and user meetings

Deal 08.11.2014

SwissLitho receives the CTI startup label

Funding Activity 02.11.2014

Start of the 1.6 Mio EUR Eurostars Project PPA-Litho with 4 international partners to establish a commercial source of the NanoFrazor polymer PPA

Funding Activity 26.09.2014

SwissLitho wins the "Micro Nano Engineering" Startup award with 5000CHF prize money and valuable recognition in the international nanofabrication community

Funding Activity 07.05.2014

The next NanoFrazor was sold to Prof. Jürgen Brugger at EPFL in Lausanne.

Deal 25.04.2014

Press release creates 15 million impressions all around the globe. The articles and video cover the world record of the "smallest magazine cover" and the installation of the first NanoFrazor in Canada.

Funding Activity 20.03.2014

Installation of the first NanoFrazor at the McGill University in Montréal. Click here to watch the VIDEO of the Canadian Press at McGill.

Funding Activity 30.01.2014

Loan from the ZKB (500'000CHF)

Deal 21.01.2014

The "1st Thermal Probe Workshop" organised by SwissLitho was a great success. 30 international experts discussed all day about the science and the opportunities of the NanoFrazor technology

Funding Activity 03.12.2013

SwissLitho wins the Heuberger Winterthur Jungunternehmerpreis. (150‘000 CHF)

Deal 18.09.2013

SwissLitho is among the Top 100 Startups in Switzerland (rank 50).

Deal 16.09.2013

Successful product launch of the NanoFrazor at the MNE 2013 in London.

Funding Activity 17.04.2013

SwissLitho wins the ZKB Pionierpreis Technopark 2013 (98' 696 CHF)

Deal 21.03.2013

Felix Holzner is part of the Swiss national Start-up team 2013

Funding Activity 01.03.2013

Start of the CTI project "Nanobridge" together with Schneeberger, IBM and inspire AG. Development towards the NanoFrazor industrial.

Funding Activity 15.01.2013

ETH Pioneer Fellowship for Felix Holzner (150'000CHF)

Funding Activity 01.01.2013

Start EU Project SNM: close to 1'000'000 CHF funding for SwissLitho for next 4 years for R&D on the NanoFrazor

Funding Activity 08.11.2012

SwissLitho and Flatev receive the final kick (130'000CHF)


Videos und Präsentationen

More than 45'000 people watched this video. It shows the unique capability of making 3D nanostructures (in this case the world's smallest magazine cover) and reports the first delivery of a NanoFrazor to McGill University.


150‘000 CHF! SwissLitho wins the Heuberger Winterthur Jungunternehmerpreis, the most valuable startup award in Switzerland.


IBM scientists explain the NanoFrazor technology (2010, more than 100'000 views)