audiolize GmbH

Company founded: October 2013

Online marketplace for audio newspaper articles

Online marketplace for audio newspaper articles is a marketplace for audio versions of online articles, read aloud and recorded by our network of contributors - the audiolizers. It offers higher comfort and mobility to newspaper readers and commuters. Listeners can buy single audio articles, make playlists and get informed wherever and whenever they want to - while driving, shopping, jogging. The platform is based on a revenue sharing model. The content provider, the audiolizer and the platform each gets a share from the sold audiolizations. launched its initial phase in November 2013. The platform has now 90 audiolizers in English and German from 4 continents. Listeners can already hear the audio articles, provided as samples by each audiolizer.

Milestones / News

Funding Activity 26.06.2013

venture kick Stage II

Funding Activity 05.02.2013

venture kick stage I

Videos and Presentations

Pitch Borislava Palanchova from audiolize @venture leaders kick-off event


venture leaders interview with Borislava Palanchova from audiolize GmbH