Agilentia AG (Sherpany)

Company founded: October 2011

Sherpany allows companies to efficiently reach their whole shareholder base far beyond the scope of classical investor relations. Shareholders profit from equal opportunities to inform and contribute by using online invitation, registration and voting for the AGM. Critical questions can be answered in ad-vance via Q&A in an appropriate way which allows companies to have more influence on the effect of inconvenient voting recommendations of third parties. Voting trends and investor expectations are provided to the BoD in a virtual board room made to securely exchange board documents via iPad.

Milestones / News

Milestone 01.06.2014

25'000 active Users on Sherpany represent 50'000 investors worldwide

Deal 01.01.2014

Nestle, Novartis and another 30 listed Companies use Sherpany

Milestone 04.10.2013

SIX Securities bietet ihren Kunden Sherpany an

Milestone 05.04.2013

Weitere namhafte Kunden für Agilentia

Deal 01.01.2013

Adecco, SwissRe, SwissLife, Zurich Insurance Group signd up

Milestone 26.10.2012

Lounch of Sherpany

Deal 01.01.2012

Aryzta, Nobel Biocare participate pre-launch

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