Company founded: June 2012

L.E.S.S. SA (“Light Efficient SystemS”) has proven itself as a serious alternative to today’s LEDs by delivering ultra-thin, -bright and -uniform lighting systems to their customers. These key assets, offered by its unique fiber technology, allowed L.E.S.S. to successfully enter the market of the industrial vision and of the display backlighting.

Milestones / News

Milestone 09.05.2016

L.E.S.S. enters the European Market and increases its sales power in Germany

Milestone 23.09.2015

L.E.S.S. is awarded "Best Swiss Startup 2015" at the TOP100 Startup award

Funding Activity 28.04.2015

L.E.S.S. SA closes CHF 3.0 million Series A financing round to boost the commercialization of their revolutionary lighting systems.

Milestone 01.06.2014

L.E.S.S. is selected among the venture leaders "China"

Funding Activity 08.05.2014

L.E.S.S. wins the “venture” business plan competition 2014

Funding Activity 16.04.2014

L.E.S.S. wins the Strategis Entrepreneurship Prize 2014

Deal 27.02.2014

L.E.S.S. increases its sales power in Japan, thanks to Hitachi High Tech

Milestone 27.01.2014

L.E.S.S. releases a new product : The ShadowLESS illuminators

Milestone 21.12.2013

L.E.S.S. wins the 15th IMD Startup Competition

Funding Activity 04.07.2013

L.E.S.S. is awarded from the “Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Swiss Economy”

Funding Activity 20.06.2013

L.E.S.S. is awarded the “Prix Vittoz” 2013

Funding Activity 20.06.2013

L.E.S.S. wins the de Vigier Foundation competition 2013

Milestone 10.09.2012

L.E.S.S. introduces the world first notebook backlit by a nanostructured fiber at a technology fair in Zürich, Switzerland

Funding Activity 05.09.2012

Venture Kick stage 3

Milestone 12.06.2012

Incorporation: L.E.S.S. SA

Funding Activity 04.04.2012


Funding Activity 04.04.2012

Venture leaders

Funding Activity 12.03.2012

Grant: Climate-KIC

Funding Activity 21.02.2012

Loan - Fondation pour l'Innovation Technologique

Funding Activity 11.01.2012

Venture kick stage 2

Funding Activity 24.11.2011

KPMG Inspiration Grant

Funding Activity 04.10.2011

Grant "CleanTech" - Fondation Lombard Odier 1796

Funding Activity 30.08.2011

Venture Kick stage 1

Funding Activity 15.07.2011



Videos and Presentations

Product presentation : ShadowLESS BF & DF-6000



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