Climeworks AG

Gegründet: Juni 2010

Technology which is capable of capturing CO2 from ambient air.

Climeworks provides solutions for efficiently capturing CO2 out of ambient air. We offer a competitive and environmentally friendly CO2 supply to our customers. Our CO2 enables the production of carbon-neutral renewable fuels allowing for efficient storage of renewable energies.

Milestones / News

Milestone 12.04.2013

Climeworks demonstrates extraction of CO2 with 99.3% purity.

Milestone 20.01.2013

Climeworks commissions 1 ton CO2 per year pilot

Milestone 15.07.2012

Installation of the Climeworks test-bench system

Funding Activity 21.06.2012

Climeworks wins "Preis der Preisträger" by W. A. De Vigier Foundation

Funding Activity 16.03.2012

Climate-KIC proof of concept grant

Deal 23.12.2011

Series A Financing

Milestone 02.11.2011

Finalist in the Virgin Earth Challenge

Milestone 06.10.2011

Incorporation of Climeworks AG

Funding Activity 01.09.2011

Support by Eurostar Eureka programme

Funding Activity 22.06.2010

Projekt funding by Gebert Rüf Foundation

Funding Activity 19.05.2010

CLIMEWORKS has been granted stage 3 venture kick support

Milestone 25.11.2009

Incorporation of Climeworks GmbH

Funding Activity 11.11.2009

Climeworks has been granted stage 2 venture kick support

Funding Activity 07.07.2009

Climeworks has been granted stage 1 venture kick support


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