Climeworks AG

Gegründet: November 2009

Technology which is capable of capturing CO2 from ambient air.

Climeworks provides solutions for efficiently capturing CO2 out of ambient air. We offer a competitive and environmentally friendly CO2 supply to our customers. Our CO2 enables the production of carbon-neutral renewable fuels allowing for efficient storage of renewable energies.

Milestones / News

Funding Activity 07.04.2014

Series B Financing

Deal 07.01.2014

Collaboration with Audi

Funding Activity 16.07.2013

R&D project support by Bundesamt für Energie (BFE)

Milestone 12.04.2013

Climeworks demonstrates extraction of CO2 with 99.3% purity.

Milestone 20.01.2013

Climeworks commissions 1 ton CO2 per year demonstrator

Milestone 15.07.2012

Installation of the Climeworks test-bench system

Funding Activity 21.06.2012

Climeworks wins "Preis der Preisträger" by W. A. De Vigier Foundation

Funding Activity 16.03.2012

Climate-KIC proof of concept grant

Funding Activity 23.12.2011

Series A Financing

Milestone 02.11.2011

Finalist in the Virgin Earth Challenge

Milestone 06.10.2011

Incorporation of Climeworks AG

Funding Activity 01.09.2011

Support by Eurostar Eureka program (project volume EUR 2 million)

Funding Activity 22.06.2010

Projekt funding by Gebert Rüf Foundation

Funding Activity 19.05.2010

CLIMEWORKS has been granted stage 3 venture kick support

Milestone 25.11.2009

Incorporation of Climeworks GmbH

Funding Activity 11.11.2009

Climeworks has been granted stage 2 venture kick support

Funding Activity 07.07.2009

Climeworks has been granted stage 1 venture kick support


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